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COMATCH is here to help you navigate through challenging times. We’ll give you access to our network of experts to get your organization back on track in the face of a crisis.

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Corporate Crisis Framework

COMATCH helps you to navigate through challenging times and provides you with the right measures and expertise to get your organization back on track.

  • Strategic Crisis

    Sales might still be growing but forecasts estimate a market crisis or rising competitors

    Low Severity

  • Transformation

    • Portfolio Optimization
    • Pricing
    • Process Optimization
    • Rebranding
  • Profit Crisis

    Sales are declining and profits are turning negative

    Medium Severity

  • Turnaround

    • Repositioning
    • Downsizing & Market Exits
    • Organizational Change
    • Operational Efficiency & Structural Measures
    • Leadership Replacement
  • Liquidity Crisis

    The organization cannot guarentee to pay their bills anymore

    High Severity

  • Financial Restructuring

    • Refinancing
    • Debt Restructuring
    • Equity Carve Out
    • Divestures
    • Working Capital Optimization
    • Cost Cutting

Here’s what our crisis experts think…

We interviewed experts from our network and got their take on how to navigate a corporate crisis.




Transformation Consultant

What is the timeframe of transformation projects on average?

“If it is a true transformation, the programs are likely to last about 2 years and should result in further smaller projects.”




Turnaround Manager

When does an organization need to consider a turnaround?

“When results are persistently deteriorating or sales are declining, it’s a clear sign that crisis is imminent.”

Financial Restructuring



Restructuring Consultant

When should management start preparing for economic uncertainty?

“For management, it’s never too early to critically review a firm’s room for maneuver strategically, operationally and financially.”

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Preparing for an imminent crisis

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